Friday, 18 March 2016

More on the ROSLING Family

Original post published 30th March 2009 on my blog

I have been looking at the 1911 census and have found out more about what happened to the family of Edward Rosling and Rebecca Ellis.

Further to my previous post about Annie Rosling I have now found both her sons on the 1911 census.
George was living with his grandparents in Swinstead, Lincolnshire.
Walter I found in Horley, Surrey. He is listed as visitor but he is actually nephew.
The head of the household Charles Edward Duvall a signalman was married to Eliza born in Swinstead. Eliza is the sister of Annie. The family has 2 sons cousins to Walter.

Peregrine Rosling was in Great Grimsby in 1901 but has now moved to London. He is to be found in Cavendish Square and is Butler to opthalmic surgeon Henry Edward Juler.

Meanwhile his brother William has married and is still living in Swinstead employed as a traction engine driver. He has 2 sons and a daughter and his second son has continued the family tradition having been given the name Peregrine.

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