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Annie Rosling

Original post published 24th February 2009 on my blog

Annie Rosling was the sister of my husband's gt grandfather.
I have just been able to confirm the identity of her husband.
I found a possible marriage for her some time ago, but as it was prior to the date when they gave the surname of the spouse in the index I was not sure if it was the correct marriage.
I found out from one of her descendants that she had several children born out of wedlock.
Annie had 3 children by the time of the 1901 census and the 2 eldest, both boys, were living with their grandparents.
By the time of the 1911 census she had married and her youngest, Mabel, appears to have taken her stepfather's surname. She had also given birth to at least 2 more children a daughter Elder aged 5 (this could be Hilda Fanny from the GRO Indexes) and Gladys aged 4. The census also states that she had 7 children from this marriage, 6 of whom were still alive and they had been married 6 years.
The figures don't add up as she had 3 children prior to the marriage that we know about and he had 3 from his first marriage. Her husband had been widowed in 1903 and left with 3 children to bring up, the eldest being only 11 years old. The following year he married Annie Rosling. They had 2 children from their marriage still with them and there was a possible child who was born and died in Mar 1911 quarter Edward H Crowson.

The really interesting thing is that Alfred Crowson, the groom, was Annie's sister in law's brother.
Robert Rosling married Emma Crowson (they are my husband's gt grandparents).
Alfred Crowson married Annie Rosling these 2 being siblings of my husband's gt grandparents.
The children and descendants of both couples will share this same line of ancestors.

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