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How identifying DNA matches has helped me improve my family tree Part 1 What matches did I have?

 In my last post I  briefly wrote about why I did a DNA test. In this post I will add some background.  At GEDMATCH and MyHeritage I had a long list of matches but it was almost as useful as an empty index I needed to work out what I was going to do with these. I did not expect to get any close matches when I did my test and wasn't surprised that the closest matches were possible 3rd cousins.  In retrospect, I probably should have tested with Ancestry first as they have a large database and do not accept uploads from other testing companies. I also have cousins who have tested with them and it is something I am considering doing at some point.  I didn't do much with the results for a long time. I added my data to WikiTree but was not expecting to find anyone I shared matches with on there. I then got a match on GEDMATCH with a known cousin who has since joined WikiTree and we are shown as sharing DNA. Things at Living DNA have moved on and I now have matches on their website. I

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