Week 4 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Invite to Dinner

Rather than discuss who I would invite to dinner I have decided to discuss a meal our family had to celebrate my grandparents Golden Wedding Anniversary as it allows me to share some of the photographs and documents I have as a reminder.

Albert E. V. Buckle, Gwendoline A. Buckle nee Wiltshire and Betty Owens nee Buckle

Some of their guests

The Menu

I am sure that some of my cousins will remember this family occasion and I am fortunate to have in my possession the cards that my grandparents received from friends and family some of them can be seen in this photograph below.

Golden Wedding Cards and Flowers
This side of my family would often get together at Christmas and my aunt Phyl, who left me these photographs, the menu and cards would love to get the family together.

Each Christmas we would go to my grandparents' house.  

My aunt Phyl, who was the younger of their two daughters, would often have family parties at her own bungalow, where she would put on a lavish spread. 

This menu is fairly typical of the time period. But I am sure would be considered quite bland when compared to restaurant menus we would expect if we were celebrating today.

A search for the venue today brings up this website. So all that remains are photographs and our fragile memories.

Some of my cousins are aware of the reason I choose this particular occasion to discuss on my blog. 

Take a look at the marriage certificate for my grandparents.

Before you say there must be a transcription error I also have the index entries.

So we celebrated a year early. Who cares!. We had a chance of a family get-together, which included some of my family from the United States, and my grandparents did have more than 50 years together. My grandmother did not die until 1979.


  1. Hi Hilary, So, being off one year makes me very curious. Did your grandparents lose a year somewhere, did the party planners make the mistake or was it planned on purpose? I wish my grandparents had celebrated their 50th one year early, as my grandfather passed away six months before their golden anniversary.

    1. Linda I believe this was intentional. Their eldest child was born in 1924. Since they are all no longer with us and I have told descendants of this child it is no longer a family secret. My aunt also said my grandmother's parents did not want her to marry a town boy. But it has also come to light that their eldest child was born before they married.

  2. Very interesting story about an anniversary celebration. I like the twist!


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