Sunday, 14 January 2018

Week 2 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Favourite Photograph

Trying to choose a favourite photograph is not an easy task and I have decided on this one because it was the first one to spring to mind when I read the challenge.

This is possibly the only colour photograph I have of my father and me. 
It was probably taken before I started school. I would take a guess at 1963 or 4 but possibly earlier. 
I have no idea where it was taken but probably in Southampton, Hampshire, England in the garden of my grandparent(s). We had no garden as we lived in a flat at this time.
I do not remember my father having anything but grey, balding hair which men of his generation, often, tried to, unsuccessfully, disguise by what was known as a "comb -over". I believe that as a child he was actually blond although black and white photographs of the time do not show this.

Dad (on the left) with his younger brother

I wonder if this photograph of my father was taken on his first day at school, 21st April 1936, according to the school admission book.

Photograph of page from the School Admission Register for West End school taken by Hilary Gadsby 
at West End Local History Society Museum ,West End, Hampshire, England on 19 May 2007 

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