Thursday, 17 March 2016

Some of this years news

Original post published 26th December 2007 on my blog

This year there have been a few developments on the family tree I will list some of those that I can remember if anyone can add anything more please let me know or if I have missed anything important.
I will start with my BUCKLE line.
This last year has seen 2 of this line leave us. My mother in May and my father's eldest sister last month.
I have found a possible marriage for Mary, the maternal grandmother of Stephen Richards BUCKLE, to Edward ELEY in Titchfield. This has lead me to believe that her maiden name was BUCKETT and I have found a possible christening in Millbrook and parents and siblings. This also fits with Mary's father having been born in Titchfield. Her mother was a WAITE whose family may also have connections to the Titchfield area.
On my next research visit I intend to look further into the Titchfield link, especially the WAITE family as my brother in law is a WAIGHT from this general area. My sister might find she was already distantly related to her husband.
Now the ROBERTS line.
I have filled in some gaps in the Warminster COMPTON family after making contact with the daughter of my second cousin. Another cousin has found information on the earlier COMPTONs at Fisherton De La Mere and I now have mother's maiden names for 2 more of the ancestors pre general registration.
It also appears that one of the son's of Richard TOOMER and Sarah LODGE in the Salisbury area was involved in the Swing Riots and subsequently transported to Australia. He returned to England on being released and married however the only child of this union died before reaching adulthood.
I will continue the remaining GADSBY and WARD lines on my next blog.
If you wish to view my tree don't forget Tribal pages user id gadsby visitor password pharmer.

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