Thursday, 17 March 2016

Is this just a Coincidence!!

Original post published 17th June 2008 on my blog

I was looking to confirm the parents of a child found on the census with the grandparents, Richard and Mary WARD, who are my husband's 3xgt grandparents.
The mother was also with the grandparents so I was looking to find her with her husband on an earlier census and then to confirm their marriage and her maiden name.
I discovered her maiden name was LAWSON and although this is not a particularly common name I already have this name in another part of the tree for the other line of my husband's ancestry.
Given that there is already a link to this surname I wanted to see if they were related.
I went on to do more searches in the censuses and found that the wife's father had been born in Foston Lincolnshire.
Having found the wife's mother on a later census with her grandaughter Ellen FLOWERS I was even more intrigued.

In my husband's GADSBY line his gt gt grandmother was Eliza FLOWERS daughter of William FLOWERS and Rebecca LAWSON she was born in Marston Lincolnshire and the youngest of her children was born in Foston Lincolnshire.

It turns out that the parents of Ellen FLOWERS were Joseph FLOWERS and Elizabeth LAWSON. I have not managed to find out how or if they are related to his GADSBY ancestors but given the geography I feel certain that they will be related.

This is not the first time I have found relations on one line who could be related to others on another line as my husband's Norfolk ancestors are possibly relations to others found on his Lincolnshire/Leicestershire line.

I will post again if I find anything more.

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