Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Week 7 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks


When I first read this prompt I thought to myself, what do I write about, we have nobody with the name Valentine in the family.

A quick look at my tree on Ancestry was to show that actually 6 people are recorded with the name Valentine. 

Of these 3 are confirmed as being born on 14 February but the remaining 3 have births at other times of the year. 
Of those with births other than Valentines day a father and son had births in July and the final quarter of the year so no connection. The third of these was born in September and as this was a third forename for a female it may have had some significance in the wider family circle.

I have used different records to clarify the exact date of birth for these individuals. If they died after 1968, in England or Wales, then the date of birth is included in the death indexes.

One of these individuals was Walter Valentine Garland (14 February 1876 - 28 April 1883). So for him I could not use the death index.

He appears on just one census record in 1881

This does not give enough information to determine his exact date of birth and the birth index will only give the quarter in which the birth was registered.

So unless I pay for a certificate or a digital copy I have no record of the exact date of birth.

Find My Past has christenings for Lincolnshire and sometimes the date of birth was also recorded in the register so I went and searched for him there.

So I didn't find a birth date in the christening record but I did find this
The National School Admission Register for Barkston, Lincolnshire, England. 

Although the Valentine is not recorded here it fits with his birth and death records.

to complete the picture his Find A Grave memorial can be found here .
This is his burial in the Barkston register including a cause of death.

So poor Walter Valentine Garland died of Diptheria at the age of 7 years. An illness which is now part of the standard vaccinations given to young babies.

I also have my own connection to Valentine's Day. I shall record it here as part of my own lifestory.
On our first Valentine's Day 37 years ago my husband and I visited the jewellers in Southampton and bought my engagement ring.

In July this year we will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary.

Here is another heart ring that my husband had made for me several years ago. It has 2 heart shaped amethysts.

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