Thursday, 17 March 2016

News on the GADSBY and WARD branches

Original post published 5th January 2008 on my blog

As promised I shall continue with some of the breakthroughs this year.
On the GADSBY branch I have not managed to progress further forward and am still hunting for proof as to the parentage of Nathaniel GADSBY who was born about 1787 in Lincolnshire.
I have been unable to find a death registration for him and his exact place of birth remains elusive.
I have found out more about the family of Clarissa GADSBY who married Stephen James BLYTHER via a genesreunited contact.
One of my early GADSBY contacts has been back in touch and I have updated her with my finds and other shared information.
A descendant of Mary Ann GADSBY has been in touch and has helped fill another gap.
I have also made some progress with the ELLIS family and had a couple of contacts with ROSLING connections so that some of the side shoots are filling out.

The WARD side of the family has had some shakeup this year.
Having found a possible link to family who emigrated to Australia it was then realised that the Richard WARD who married Mary GRAY was not the son of William and Catherine WARD but the illegitimate son of Catherine WARD.
Catherine's parentage and marriage to Joseph PATCHETT in 1812 is well documented and Richard had a number of siblings from this marriage. This has also lead to the discovery of WARD ancestors as early as 1676 as the WARD family stayed in Croxton Kerrial for centuries.
It is quite likely that there are still descendants from this line in the village today.
From having been stuck with the couple William and Catherine the tree now goes back another century.
Thanks to the hard work of Paul SMITH who transcribed some of the Croxton Kerrial parish records many dates have been filled in on this WARD line.

I will continue with the SMITH and the Norfolk WARD family on the next post.

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